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Wood Blinds



Instantly invoke an heirloom aura with luxurious, gleaming wood.      

Innately energy-friendly, our woods are chosen for their natural insulating properties.

Choose from the rough look of a wire-brush finish or the classic look of smooth-finish paints and stains.

Add two or three blinds beneath one continuous headrail and continue the style on wide or side-by-side windows.

Cordless lift options make for a timeless look and tangle-free operation. Safety + sophistication.

A decorative valance turns your window into a fine furnishing.

Patented cord release device for child and pet safety all materials are lead free, V.O.C. free and without any harmful chemicals.


For whatever your inspiration, Hardwood Blinds give you a customized solution, allowing you to exercise your sophistication in a rainbow of paints, stains, valance styles, and designer tapes. Go bold with a Contempo valance and zebra patterned tape, or opt for understated refinement with a dark wood stain. Norman® gives you more freedom than the rest.


An Investment in Your Home

For centuries, shutters have been prized as fine window furniture and a testament to a homeowner’s discerning style and sophistication. Shutters not only provide design, privacy, and light control options, they can also enhance the value of a home. Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and increase appreciation.

At Norman we believe the best shutter is the result of meticulous management of each step in its creation. Every step: research and development, product design, raw materials sourcing, handcrafting, quality control, and even packaging are carried out with one goal, to bring you matchless quality, durability, and long-term value in your Norman investment.

Norman showcases a full line of premium custom shutters ranging from wood composite, advanced polymer, to environmentally friendly wood shutters and prestigious solid wood shutters. We offer the most exquisite qualities that are clearly above the industry standards, designed to enhance your overall shutter ownership experience. No matter what size, shape and color, we have you covered.


Tougher than your kids, they’re guaranteed never to chip, discolor, warp, peel or crack, regardless of extreme heat or moisture.

Old-world charm that can be wiped down with mild soap and water. Easy peasy.

No one likes fading. When the louvers are fully closed, your furnishings, art and flooring enjoy 99% protection from damaging UV rays.

Customize to your space with a bi-fold or bypass track for sliding doors, or accommodate bay windows or an objectionable view with cafe style.

Take a deep breath. Eclipse Polyresin Shutters are Greenguard certified ensuring a healthy atmosphere.

Honeycomb Shades



Opacities include sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and blackout—so you control the light, not the other way around.

The patented D-cell design keeps its crisp, full pleated structure and facing for the life of the shade.

Our sumptuous fabrics, rich range of hues and patterns and 5 distinct cell sizes means from tiny to grand, we haven’t met a window we didn’t like.

The lightweight fabric stacks tight for a more open view of the great outdoors.

Unusual shaped window? We’ve got you covered.

The stain- and wrinkle-resistant, easy- to clean fabrics practically take care of themselves.

The insulating cell construction helps restrict the outside air, keeping both you and your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Honeycomb shades provide cost-saving energy efficiency that will help the planet and your pocketbook.



A minimal look with UV efficiency is their hallmark. Over 100 solar screens, with varying degrees of openness, filter just the right amount of light.

More than 120 different fabrics means there isn’t a style we can’t complement.

Breathe easy. Our Greenguard certified fabric selections ensure low emission levels.

Already have beautiful draperies? Add Roller Shades for increased light control.

The relaxed folds of our Roman Shade cascade -- rather than roll -- when raised, adding depth and dimension.

Pro trick: Mount on the ceiling and our Panel Track Shades become a savvy room divider.

Outside, our Exterior Shades stand up to Mother Nature, blocking intense heat, diffusing harsh incoming light, yet keeping the view. Like magic.

Window Shades



Soften that harsh sunlight. Fabric vanes suspended between two sheer panels tilt to brighten up or dim down your environment.

Wonderfully wide for larger windows and doors. Up to 120" wide, in fact. Stay in proportion with three vane sizes to suit the scale of your windows.

Much less hassle than adding a skylight. The unique s-shaped vanes capture more light, illuminating a magically even glow deep within your room.

Drink in the view. When raised, the shading completely disappears into the headrail. When lowered, the magnificent outdoors remains in sight with no distracting lift cords.

Maximize your privacy. During the day, you can see out, but no one can see in. At night, close the vanes and voila… privacy assured.



From harvest to fabrication, over 20 different specialists create each unique shade for our three collections.

Enduring quality? Look to details like hand-sewn rings stitched right into the weave.

Natural Woven Shades are meticulously hand-fed on a loom by skilled artisans who’ve passed their craft from generation to generation.

Our Grass Weaves keep it artisanal with man-made yarns spun from natural by-products.

Accent the positive with handsome sewn-edge binding choices that add finished flair

Vertical Blinds



Our custom collection includes textured or smooth vinyls, snappy S-Curve vanes, and fantastic fabrics making your window a very tactile affair.

Block out the light or block out the neighbors with the twist of a wand.

Choose from a variety of light-filtering fabrics for a gentle ambiance or insert into groovers and that same beautiful textile does double-duty as a blackout.

Create - or accentuate - the sense of height for sliding glass doors or beautifully broad windows.

Incredibly easy-to-maintain vinyl selections mean fewer tasks and more time for… other stuff.



Keep maintenance to a minimum with our dust-resistant finish.

Spring-tempered slats bounce back into shape, resisting those pesky kinks and dents.

Multiple collections offer alternatives from classic cost-efficiency to premium panache with heavier-duty slats, LightsOut feature and built-in valance.

Wide window? Wide smile. Hang 2 or 3 blinds on a single headrail to cover it all.

Roman Shades


Why our Roman Shades?

Fabric Roman Shades

Hand crafted custom fabric shades available in over 350 fabric choices and including quality features like standard lining and Free Cordless One Control and Aerolite cordless System from an award winning workroom. 

Design and safety, you can have both. Centerpiece™ features our innovative, patent-pending AeroLite™ Cordless System, a completely cord free roman shade. Hidden from view, the concealed fabric handle is conveniently located at the back of the shade to provide the convenience you desire in every day shade operation.

We travel around the world in search of the most exquisite fabrics and textiles available today. Our fabric collection offers versatile designs in a wide array of rich hues from soft to deep tones. Our fabric by the yard program allows you to use the same matching fabric for other accent pieces in your home. Make your room a reflection of you with Centerpiece™ Roman Shades.